Water Pollution Sources and Its Effect on Human Health

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Water pollution is caused by the mixing of the sewage water, toxic chemicals, and industrial effluents along with the drinking water. It is one of the most commonly observed problems in developing countries. Some developed countries have found the ways to cope with water pollution, but developing nations are still not able to resolve it completely.

The sources of water pollution are as follows:

Industrial effluents: This is the most dangerous sources of water pollution. It is through this source that hazardous chemicals enter in the water and cause disease like cancer. Organic pollutants like dyes, salts, cyanides, suspended solids, greases, and oils are included in the industrial effluents. The monomethyl mercury carried along with the industrial effluents enters human body with water and causes brain damage. Sometimes even direct deaths are being reported by drinking the water mixed with such industrial effluents.

Silt: This is the source of pollution that pollutes the water at very initial stage. During silt, the soil or silt from the mountains gets carried along with the rain water and mixes with the ground water. This also happens during the process of deforestation. This generally is not so hazardous because once the water gets deep these soil particles get deposited at the bottom and you get to drink clean water. In some cases only infecting microorganisms are observed in silt.

Thermal wastes: Thermal pollution of the water doesn’t affect the humans, but the life under water is affected badly by it. The thermal and nuclear power stations use the large amount of water and then discharge in again with a very high temperature. The aquatic life is not able to adjust with the hot water and they die. Thus, it makes the water dirty.

Sewage and domestic wastes: This is the cause of the maximum disease that affects the human health adversely. This source of water pollution includes soap and detergents, human excreta and urine, dung, and main source as sewage from house. Maximum microorganisms survive in this water and when it mixes with river water these microorganisms start multiplying. Once the person drinks he/she is surely to fall it due to this. Diseases like typhoid, jaundice, cholera, and dysentery are the most commonly observed disease caused by this type of water pollution.

Radioactive substances: You need to be careful about these radioactive substances a lot because they enter your body and cause cancer. Radioactive substances are released during the atomic explosions. These radioactive isotopes mix with the water bodies and cause the pollution. This water pollution source is very rarely noted.

Agricultural wastes: Nowadays the modern concept of agriculture is being utilized everywhere. This includes the usage of the many chemical pesticides and fertilizers. The crop yield is surely increased by it, but when these pesticides and fertilizers gets incorporated in the water bodies through irrigation, rainfall, and drainage they cause water pollution. Primarily they destroy the aquatic life. No fishes are able to survive in this polluted water. The consumption of this polluted water may cause nerve disorders, leukemia, and cancer. These are the commonly observed source of water pollution that results in various health complications.

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